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Check out more of his stuff at his tumblr. I'm reading these as I pick them up, in order when I can, but I'm not being a stickler for chronology with this series. There's been a television adaptation, but I haven't seen any of them.

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The Ratcliffe power station dominates the countryside for miles around, and was the first thing in view as we emerged from our overnight mooring on the Erewash Canal onto the wide watery expanse where the Soar and the Trent converge. The Soar is very different to the Trent. The idea is nearly a reality. Years of thinking about perhaps owning a narrowboat. Months of researching what it would take. Weeks of looking at options - style, length, layout, quality, age, price. Always expecting it would take an age to find the right boat. But on only the second day on the road, we went to see the Erin Mae, and within an hour had made up our minds. here is the error log. .