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Inspired by Chris Leigh’s article in the current issue of Model Rail, I thought I’d have a go at recreating an ex-LMS Camping Coach.

Chris passed me a picture of a suitable prototype subject, although in an unknown location.

Judging by the style and materials of the surrounding buildings, it looks like a South Western location, but I’m not sure. We couldn’t make out the coach’s number either. But, none of that bothered me one jot, as I simply wanted a rather careworn green and cream carriage to sit in an overgrown siding on a planned future diorama project.

I'll not give too much away here, as the project will feature in Model Rail in the near future.

But, here are some photos of the main baseboard, showing how it looks as of this morning. I'm pleased with the farm approach road - Tamiya textured paints are perfect for this sort of thing. Over the last few months we've noticed the excitement of people who blog about their first narrowboat. It's all a bit different from buying a house or car. In our case it's coupled with impatience at not being able even to get on board at the moment, because Erin Mae is out of the water, on blocks, for the hull to be blacked, and all the systems are drained down for the winter. Everything went smoothly today. Then we agreed the contract with the marina for a berth until the end of next summer, and had a good talk with the engineering firm on site about the work they are doing.

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