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“There’s no wall around Massachusetts.

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If I give away everything I own,and if I hand my body over so that I may boastbut do not have love, I gain nothing.

" In suffering and death his humanity became the free and perfect instrument of his divine love which desires the salvation of men. " Hence the sovereign freedom of God's Son as he went out to his death. "As you go, make this proclamation:'The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. ' Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons.

She believes in the life-giving presence of Christ, the physician of souls and bodies.

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It follows that the social benefit—individual benefit summed over everyone—of my attending Harvard is much less than the private benefit, hence that individuals will be willing to spend much more on schooling than it is really worth.

Putting it differently, it implies that each person's expenditure on schooling imposes negative externalities on other people. Frank appears to believe that this is true not only of money spent on going to Harvard but on the money spent by well off suburban taxpayers on the public schools that their children attend. The usual view of economists is that acts imposing negative externalities ought to be discouraged, perhaps by taxing them. I have been working on a new book called "Arduino LED Projects". Now I am looking for a publisher. It is already listed on Amazon. Here is a picture of the table of contents: This is a peak at one of the pages: Here is a picture of the front cover: Here I am playing with one of the projects, a two digit meter:. This gets me moving pretty quickly. I don't much care for requests that I do it for her. But help her? You bet. I was surprised that I'd never worked with her on her bicycle. The back one took pressure, but the front one was a no-go. The valve stem had partially separated.

I had suspected as much, and my wife had purchased a new inner tube the week before, after I gave her the tire specs.

I showed her how to stand the bike on its seat and handlebars, because we didn't have a bike stand. I showed her how, when working on low projects, it's worth the time to seek out a stool. I shan't be live-blogging any of this. I suspect that I will return sunburned, poorer, laden with extra zeros and ones on my memory chips, and with my liver slightly the worse for wear. Mind yourselves in my absence. I'll be back in a bit. Labels: big fun, expectations, vacation, world view. See? The coffee's brewing. " Well, yes, that's technically true. I like coffee. And breakfast. This is my second visit to Indonesia. My first visit was two years ago i. e. Jakarta and Bandung. I would like to see their living style,social,culture and landscape in the country. I noticed that Indonesia is a beautiful country blended with many types people of all kinds. Each country has their own strength and niche.

Good morning.

I have a couple of cards that I never got around to posting. Here is one. I just love her paper pieced polka dot dress.

Super easy way to get out of coloring a large image and it's so simple to do.

The image is Bianca with Cake. She is an Uptown Girl by Stamping Bella. The paper is Fabulous by Simple Stories, one of my favorite paper pads. Love the colors in it. Hello Tuesday! Here is my final Christmas card. I love making christmas cards but I have finally had enough! LOL Sad thing is, I didn't even get christmas cards out this year to my friends and family! pathetic, I know. I kept saying that I was going to take the kids and do some pictures. but time has just been flying! It's hard to believe Christmas is only in a few days. So to all my family and friends, sorry. S. I am not sure whether this is true or not, but I came across this article today that made me reflect on this: Nearly Half of U. S. Households Escape Fed Tax. What now for Vivus and its anti-obesity drug Qnexa? David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. David,"I am looking to diversify my portfolio and am looking at oil/energy stocks. I read your nice review on Precision Drilling Trust and decided to buy the stock. I like the dividend and I think the stock has hit a bottom - one accentuated by politics. This is doing the rounds and I can't resist reposting. Question: What's the difference between watching trains from a signal-box and learning to drive?Answer: The difference between true and false wisdom. I'm reading JI Packer's Knowing God, and loving it. Here is what Packer has to say about true wisdom. Once again, it's a rebuke to those of us prone to unhealthy introspection, who always try to find the "why?" in everything that happens, who give way to bitterness when we can't understand. Instead, true wisdom is realistic, sane and strong. It doesn't think too hard about the "why". It trusts God. This piece of art is now hanging in our hall. Andy's face says it all!.

Every parent knows you don’t have to teach a child to do wrong.

Left to his or herself you can imagine what kind of messes a toddler would get into and does. Discipline gives wisdom. Parents who will not correct their children with either physical discipline or verbal correction do not love their children.

Correction doesn’t have to include the rod and many parents today are afraid of using it but whatever a parent’s manner of correction they must be consistent and it must be done in love.

A child is never to be physically punished but disciplined.

A parent should explain to the child why the discipline has to be meted out and it should never be done in anger or when angry. Indian Larry. Need I say more? Choppers Spoken Here!. It's been a whirlwind of posted finished colored pages 'round here lately! Here's one from the book's central action scene, where the Lord of the Dead himself carries off young Kore to the Underworld. This page is part of the same sequence that these two almost finished pages I posted awhile ago belong to, and I also had previously posted the black and white artwork for it as well. And now it's done!. The Daughter and I went out to lunch. That's always fun. On this day we went to BB King's downtown on Beale Street.

I also took a picture of the view from Beale Street Landing: Another fun day Walking in Memphis "with my feet ten feet off of Beale".

"If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them.

In fact, Jesus said that "even 'sinners' love those who love them. " Many Christians love those who love them or love lovely people and think that they are showing Christian love by doing this, when, in fact, they are loving in a humanistic fashion. In other words, they love the same way every other human being loves. There is a distinct love that only Christians have. They have it because they received it when it was given to them by the Lord. "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Yay for progress. Of course, I then made the naïve mistake of trying to hang with my old peeps during tempo on Friday. That was a mistake.

One of the problems with pool-running is that you go through suits quite quickly, necessitating the purchase of new.

And it's surprisingly hard to find a suit that works for pool-running. Here's a few examples of suits I've noted while on-line shopping that I have declined to purchase for pool-running. This is a good one for reminding you not to use your arms too muchJust in case you have trouble recalling where the belt goesFor the woman who has everything, including a pair of "flotation devices" permanently implanted. I'm a sugar daddy, a breast job, and a lobotomy away from being able to pull this off. Feel the hotness, be the hotness Um, yeah. Maybe I should be a tad bit less judgmental. I've done a whole slew of exercises focused on remedying this. Basically, you lie on your back, legs straight in front of you, then prop yourself up on your elbows, with your lower arms parallel to your torso. Once you're in this position, you can either hold it for a set period of time, or do leg lifts, per the graphic linked above. Prestige observation car provides a challenge. I've spent the last two weeks working on an interesting vehicle in the luxury Belmond Royal Scotsman tourist train. In order to achieve as accurate a model as possible, I had to graft sections of two separate Bachmann Pullman cars together, which proved great fun. The veranda was created from an excellent etched kit that's currently under development by Extreme Etchings/Shawplan. This builds into a surprisingly rugged, self-contained unit, that sits snugly under the roof. Alas, I ran out of time before I could scratch-build a whole new interior, so I quickly modified the existing plastic moulding for now. It had been packed away for use as a demo piece in one of my airbrushing courses, but obviously got misplaced when we moved house last year. Anyway, it was a jolly nice surprise to see it again and I decided to throw some weathering paints, washes and pigments at it over the weekend. Such a shame that it has been out of production for a while. Why this Question MattersAfter consideration of the intellect and will of the first humans in the Garden of Eden, it is now time to turn the questions concerning their bodily state. In particular, this question gives a treatment of the preternatural gifts of bodily immortality and impassibility. In this article Aquinas justifies seeing this as a special gift of grace consistent with, but not part of, human nature. In the first way a creature such as an angel does not have any matter at all and is therefore incorruptible by its very nature. Aquinas, being consistent with the cosmology of the time, puts the celestial bodies in this category by arguing that their matter is ordered only to a single form. The second possibility is that something is incorruptible because of the nature of its form. You miss some of the Aero whizz-bang features, like layout preview and other niceties, but overall performance seems better for some users. check Disable Visual Themes. My best beloved was running out of the stuff that holds her together so, judging where we'd be and when, we rang our doctor's practice. They've been very good at faxing repeat prescriptions through to the pharmacy of our choice. As small shopping centres go, the Ankerside is rather mediocre inside, but it has a very nice location beside, would you believe, the River Anker. The park in front was being planted up with bedding to flower in February, though some of the violet primroses or primulas were currently in bloom. Crossing over the river to get there, we had a nice view of an older bridge. .