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"Whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.

To follow Jesus is to live in "the Spirit of truth," whom the Father sends in his name and who leads "into all the truth. " To his disciples Jesus teaches the unconditional love of truth: "Let what you say be simply 'Yes or No. As reported by Liz Kowalczyk in the Boston Globe, the University of Massachusetts Medical Center has just adopted "some of the strictest conflict of interest rules in the country. This policy seems more stringent than others recently adopted at other medical schools in the US. The UMass Memorial policy goes further than those at most other hospitals in several ways. The danger, conflict of interest specialists say, is that doctors may select a drug for the hospital's 'formulary' because he or she does work for the manufacturer, not because it is the best, lowest-cost medication. Today I attended the Batavia NY Hamfest. To be honest it might have been the worse one ever.

I did sell a couple of items but then it started raining.

They opened up the pavilions to anyone so I moved to where there was a roof over my head, but I still did not sell much. On the bright side I bought the least amount of stuff that I have ever bought at an Hamfest. All I bought was a hamburg! There were some really nice oscilloscopes and even a scope meter, but I did not have a chance to buy anything before it started raining. here is a picture of the pavilion that I moved to. This was my setup before it started raining. There is a new fake anti-virus out there. It is not as 'tricky' as some of the older ones, as it can be defeated with out doing a lot of work. I could not get any anti-virus program to load to fix it either. It found only one infected file so I thought that it had missed the virus, but that was all there was. The file is named 'hotfix. I got paid to shoot for three and a half hours, yesterday. I shot ammunition that I didn't pay for. A cold front came in yesterday. Buffalo Bore has made a name for itself in providing high-end, very powerful, semi-custom production ammunition. I first became aware of it when people like friend Rich Lucibella was using it and Garrett. Thomas contacted me a couple months ago with a specific idea for a bike in mind and that was a Schwinn Le Tour. Thomas knows what I and a lot of people know about the Schwinn Le Tour, it is a very underrated bicycle. The Le Tour frame was built by Panasonic in Japan. The frames where very well made with a nice geometry. Built up the Le Tours are wonderful riding bicycles with lots of versatility built in. The Le Tour leans more to a sport touring bike and rides so nice. Protects all leather against stiffening and drying out. Restores leather's softness and makes it more pliable and younger feeling. Our early findings was that 'white spots' caused on dragon fruits branches was due to sucking insects. I have gone at least three farms around the country to find out what is the main cause of white spots. From my observations, we detected no fungus or bacteria- like diseases. Our hypotheses is that the pathogen attack or damage only when there were punctures or small holes made by insects. Therefore, the disease came in later once the tissue ruptured. Our mission is to control the vector. It is not easy to find the vector because it very very small or minute to be seen with our naked eyes. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article.

There are lots of thing about quacks that piss me off.

Possibly what gets my goat the most is the sheer irresponsibility they practice. If they were to limit themselves to foisting their nonsensical delusions on the worried well with more money than sense then I might find them tolerable, barely. But they are yet another group of people who want to play at being doctors, and, in the pursuit of this end they will venture into areas where they can do nothing but harm. One of my readers has drawn my attention to this article, which is a prime example.

Our old friend the homeopaths up to their usual two pronged trick of promoting their worthless crap while disparaging proper treatment by us nasty allopaths.

I am not going to go on at length about this particular article, Andy Lewis has already done that. Last year I read My Seventh Monsoon, about her earlier years in Nepal, and I enjoyed both books. What I like best about Naomi's books is that she's an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances. I usually find missionary biographies daunting. The women in them sound impossibly hard-working, brave, self-sacrificing, godly and full of faith, far distant from the daily realities of my life. Naomi, on the other hand, is an Aussie Christian I can imagine being friends with, a woman who loves God and serves him faithfully, but who struggles with fear and doubt and raising three kids in a foreign land. The two books I've read by Naomi encouraged me in different ways. God accepts Job’s repentance for his speaking out of ignorance and tells his friends that only a sacrifice and prayer from this innocent man will prevent God’s judgment on them. In type Job here takes the place of Christ, offering up Himself for a sacrifice and praying for mercy for mankind’s ignorance and arrogance. Types are imperfect analogies and always break down at some point but they point you in a direction. God did not deem to explain to Job the conversation He had with Satan.

It is Job who needs God’s acceptance, His approval.

This brings us to the obvious point of this book, what is considered the oldest book in the Bible by many. Zophar uses some frightful imagery to finish his attack on Job’s character. The wicked is about to fill his belly, presumably with his ill-gotten gains, and the fury of God’s wrath will rain down upon him while he is eating. There used to be a sarcastic saying regarding snipers in the military. The church as God’s body on earth consisting of believing Gentiles and Jews was a mystery unknown to the people on earth who lived before Christ. Jesus Christ came to minister to the Jews as almost all of His direct teaching is before the resurrection and salvation by faith in His finished work on the Cross was possible. This one came to our attention though a Craigslist ad. The project is full on and keep an eye peeled for progress. . Also available in cloth and goatskin editions. The book presents itself in three parts or dialogues: 'First Dialog between Circe and Moeris', 'Second Dialog the Art of Memory', and 'The Nolan's Other Art & Riddle'. The first part is a dialog between the aforementioned Circe and Moeris. I went to the Memphis Botanic Garden a couple of weeks ago specifically looking for caterpillars in the butterfly garden but didn't see any. There were flowers and butterflies aplenty. I go to this park at least once a week but don't always go to this area. I enjoy any kind of park setting and feel fortunate to have such a lovely space close to where I live. I didn't like this one, finding the creepy bits a bit overdone and the actual plot a bit thin. That's the real plot, I think. It's an interesting film, but I was expecting more psychological drama and got more of a horror/melodrama feel from it. " DVD Talk describes it as "a taut, harrowing thriller that unfolds with palpable tension and nightmarish logic" and "an odd hybrid of backstage melodrama and psychological horror". " Salon. Now that I've seen this one, I know that it can be done while being fairly true to the plot and characters in the book. I'm impressed and look forward to the next installments. Empire Online calls it "a treasure". Salon. Rolling Stone closes with this:Serkis helps turn The Hobbit into everything you wished for – a fantasy with the power to haunt your dreams. Eleanor Cobham, duchess of Gloucester, is well-known today as a convicted sorceress.

The second wife of Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, who was uncle to Henry VI, the duchess has usually been perceived as a proud and ambitious parvenu who resorted to witchcraft in a calculated attempt to ensure her husband's succession to the throne.

At a time of dynastic uncertainty and political turmoil, the fear and dismay of her contemporaries is understandable. Believing that women resorted to the black arts as a mechanism for wielding power, they readily believed the charges against Eleanor. Their belief fitted in with the conventional understanding that women were naturally manipulative, power-hungry and secretive. Eleanor's appointment to her household was therefore an excellent opportunity for her. Letter from the Editor, Hammer Magazine, Vol. Let no one in the field go back to get his cloak. How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. Only recently did I see something of the gracious character of our Lord in this statement.

A pregnant or nursing mother can relate to the difficulty and stress of the moment Jesus described.

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. We imitate Jesus in loving our brothers. It's weird to finally be here. Just weird. I always thought that there'd be a million thoughts running through my head at this point. What if this happens or this happens or this doesn't? But there's not. I get to go, I get to start, I get to see what happens. I don't know how it will turn out, but I get to find out. And that's awesome. But there's another obstacle that's less immediately obvious, but still quite significant. Yeah, sounds a little overthought, doesn't it. But that's exactly the point. For example, we all have bad races. And many times, the best thing to do after a bad race or workout is to move on. You can give it a bit of consideration to see if there were obvious causes, but don't obsess on it for days. Just put it out of your mind and move forward. I'm aiming to follow the prototype image as much as possible and the tender is going to need some special treatment - but more of that later. Incidentally, the weathering on this model is being done with a new Harder & Steenbeck airbrush that I have received for review. .