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To love him with all your heart,with all your understanding, with all your strength,and to love your neighbor as yourselfis worth more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices. Take courage and be a man. Guard what you have received.

I am currently sitting in LAX en route from San Jose to Cincinnati, where I am giving a talk.

I have concluded that LAX holds a record. It is the worst marked airport in the world. It's true that I have not actually been in all of the world's airports so there may be one somewhere that is worse, but I doubt it. I arrived on Delta, was to leave on United. I succeeded in finding my gate by asking people along the way. That raises an obvious question that apparently had not occurred to her: What reason do we have to trust NewsTrust? To answer that I looked at their web page and discovered that the single source of information for which it showed the highest rating was Rolling Stone, the magazine responsible for the bogus UVA rape story—not merely a mistake, but a mistake pretty clearly due to irresponsible reporting with an ideological bias. Add to that the fact that the two blogs which they rate on that page are Daily Kos and Think Progress, both well to the left, and I conjecture that their ratings tell me more about which side a source is on than about how reliable it is. That leaves us with the problem of how to figure out what facts to believe, given that not only news sources but sources of information about news sources are likely to be biased in various ways.

In that particular exchange, I had already demonstrated one solution to that problem.

The Mother Jones article was introduced to the discussion by me, as evidence against Warren, not for her. Both the politics of the publication and the tone of the story made it clear that any bias would be in Warren's favor. Hence I concluded that any negative evidence it presented was probably true—and cited that evidence in the exchange. They'd be fools not to. That guitar sounds a little tinny. Too bad they couldn't get a bigger one up with some more bass tones. But they sent a guitar up to outer frickin' space. In my new hobby gig as a hose-dragger, I've been practicing SCBA drills. We've been changing bottles in the dark or with a blinder mask on, donning and doffing at speed, going through obstacle courses with wax paper in our mask plates, etc.

This is a fairly straightforward process, but one can't just dump the air from the waiting storage tanks in all at once, or the SCBA tanks get hot, and the air doesn't seem to want to go in.

I mentioned the issue of the liquid boiling up, and one of the younger firefighters said, "liquid? It's just air. There's no liquid. We use the Scott air packs with carbon fibre tanks, and I hadn't realized just how awesome they were until we did some training with a neighboring agency that uses old Scott air packs with old steel tanks. Sorry I've not been feeling it in the form of good blogging, lately. It runs like a top, has good A/C, a trailer hitch and working trailer lights connections, good rubber, and a stout luggage rack. It doesn't have any seats behind the front seats. Time to do some chores that I've been meaning to tend to, and I may just put together some kind of business with my shift partner. We'll see. In the mean time, the ride makes me look like a prime suspect for any future abductions.

Apparently, somebody decided to put a little more Empire State into the Empire State Building.

that I keep poultry in my little back yard in town, is it?Or that we named them?Clockwise from the top: Pot Pie, Yolky, Lulu, and Bock-Bock. Lulu is the head of the pecking order, and we thought that Bock-Bock would never fit in, because we got her last, and for the first week the others pecked at her. We had originally gotten four chicks as un-sexed birds. It's hard to tell gender until they're mostly full grown. We didn't want roosters, because we would be unpopular with the neighbors. Carry on. I try, Jason. The Woodstock Encore Collection Chimes are designed to be “more” windchime in every way—more colors, sizes and value. The pentatonic scale is particularly well-suited to windchimes because all of the notes are harmonious. Tomorrow night I'm heading for green, family, margaritas, big dogs, Target, real lobster. and so on and so on and so on. Guess I should be thinking about this stuff. My mother, on the other hand, uses pretty tissue paper, to genteeely wrap her clothing so it won't be wrinkled. I have no time for that. All that would do for me would be a wadded up ball of tissue paper somewhere on the floor of my room. You can find the tutorial that I used HEREThe image is from Whiff of Joy and it is called Willow with Hot Chocolate. The papers are from Bo Bunny Winter Joy.

The seal on the notecards are from Catslife Press.

I colored this with Copic Markers on Papertrey Ink paper. I have an Elisabeth Bell Digi, a Magnolia Image and a post on my Craft Space. Challenges:Crafty Pad - ChristmasSweet Stampin' - Anything but a cardColour Create - purple, aqua and white. Louis Fed president Jim Bullard speculated on the prospect of the U. S. His impishness appears to have persisted well beyond middle age. On his personal webpage, he writes "With any luck, you will find many of these pieces extremely annoying. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned n this article. Happy Yuletide. Like all specialists, surgeons occasionally have days when they have to do things that they might find distasteful, unpleasant, dirty & smelly. But I doubt any surgeon has ever encountered anything on quite this scale. He was knighted within weeks. Irvine had been forced to stand down or face a vote of no confidence. No appraisal of Professor Catto’s performance as President of the GMC could exclude consideration of his role in revalidation. Despite him being the only Doctor in British history convicted of murdering his patients it was felt necessary to introduce measures to prevent a recurrence. This was a pure knee jerk response, but typical for the last government. The GMC made initial proposals but these were criticised by the Shipman enquiry and replaced by proposals from the enquiry. Sir Graeme and the GMC did not initiate these proposals but have been at the forefront of a propaganda campaign designed to have the medical profession accept them, and impose them regardless. It was the longest night training run for the NightHawks and Falcons, who made their way to the start point at SAFRA Mt. Faber. The windy night offered some respite for the runners as we paced one another in our respective groups for the demanding workout session. The serenity of the night was only broken by the occasional cheers of FatBird groups running past one another and when we run past the Happy Group with their nice music playing through one of the mini speakers. The pace were manageable for the first half of the training, with the Falcons moving to Optimal Pace in the second part of their run. It's freezing cold all over England. I'm sure you've seen the pics. It's the ice age in my garage - not the best of times to get the alternator out for it's rebuild. To make matters worse I think I may have just botched this whole rebuild idea by breaking the pivot bolt. Thankfully there was a bracket to remove or it would be game over. Back in the old days, when I had two children, it was pretty easy for me to find time to read the Bible and pray. This seemed a little unfair. Other mums said, "It's so hard to pray and read the Bible! Every time I try, my kids climb all over me! My baby cries! My son wants me! They won't keep quiet long enough for me to pray!" But quiet times were still "quiet" for me. At six o'clock I woke up, made myself a cup of coffee and a bowl of muesli, and sat on the couch with my Bible. It's not long before my heart is dissected and displayed on the page. To prove myself to God. To prove myself to others. To prove myself to myself. But if you want to skip straight to the point, or if reading about someone's busy morning will leave you discouraged, feel free to scroll to the end of this post!Here's how my morning was shaping up:- Get out of bed. Feel tired. Feel discouraged about the number of things I should do today. - Eat breakfast. Have shower. Get kids ready for the day. Do not lie against someone, joining with the wicked to be a false witness. Just because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t mean it’s good for you to do. Large masses of people are rarely right by God’s standards.

Don’t be a politician.

Just because a man is poor doesn’t mean his cause is right. His cause may be wrong. We have the egalitarian idea in America that there is grace in poverty and that all wealthy people are evil. Here's more pictures on our Big Block Chevy motor build. Cityscape: by the Dana Landry piano trio. This piece is from the CD Memphis Skyline. Peter Mayer is a folk singer/songwriter. Also in this are Donald Calthrop, who played Cratchett in the Seymour Hicks Scrooge, and Una O'Connor in her first film. Watch it online:Variety praises the writing and the acting.

DVDTalk likes it and says, "The Hitchcock Touch is here in force, from humorous bits of business to clever play with technique.

" TCM has an overview. RottenTomatoes. There are cultural references I liked. There are several more. from the dust jacket:When Robin wakes up in a clinic with most of his memories missing, it doesn't take him long to discover that someone's trying to kill him.

On the run from a ruthless pursuer and searching for a place to hide, he volunteers to participate in a unique experimental polity, the Glasshouse, constructed to simulate a preaccelerated culture.

There is a website offering an analysis of the lyrics. Actually, there are lots of sites speculating on the meaning of the song. There seems to be an atmosphere of defeat in the Christian Church, and an easy acceptance of this atmosphere. There seems to be no awareness that this atmosphere is poisonous. This noxious environment has its own euphemistic vocabulary. The phrascology sounds spiritual unless you are listening, hoping for something biblical. Here are a few examples:"I've been struggling lately. " It sounds like a warrior in the fight. Tapering down for my half marathon, which is next Sunday. I did win a race this week, but strangely that wasn't the highlight. The best part of the week was Tuesday's workout. Not because there was anything special about it, but because it was routine. This spring I've been running my workouts based on feel, making sure to keep the effort controlled and restrained, even though it meant I was being continually dropped. And. It's almost the equivalent of the barefoot running debate. My conclusion, after thinking about this way too much, is "it depends. You can broadly split us into the categories of "sinker" or "floater," with many pool-runners occupying a place somewhere in the middle between the two extremes. I have a few friends who are floaters, bobbing effortlessly in the water sans belt. On the other hand, I am a sinker, who quickly falls below the surface even with my belt on if I stop "running" and attempt to float. It's a bit extreme, to the point where I have to hang onto the side of the pool if I'm going to adjust my hair, etc, since my chin sinks below the water as soon as my effort level drops. Box of review samples arrives, with lots of interesting stuff The thrill of receiving a parcel through the post has yet to wear off, even after being in this line of work for years.

Also in the parcel was a handy set of Lifecolor acrylics, delightfully packaged in a RAF Battle of Britain triple-pack.

Containing the essential dark earth and dark green camouflage shades, along with sky blue for the underside of aircraft, it's a handy set for anyone contemplating a Spitfire, Hurricane et al. Just a shame I've already painted my Spitfire, but I do have a few other RAF model kits on the shelf that have just assumed more importance - as a crucial test-bed for these paints!. To stop SMS updates, simply text UNFOLLOW LTISACAD to the same number. .