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Continuing our coverage of the Harley-Davidson dealer meeting we'll next examine the offerings in the Lighting department. These might not play on your mobile device, in particular the iPhone running Safari. LED Headlamps and Fog Lamps LED Turn Signals and Tail Lamps. Seen in Sturgis. This turret accepts up to three pieces of tooling that can be changed in seconds allowing users to reduce set-up time and increase productivity. These EM weapons interact with the nervous system of the target. Silence Sound Weapons are weapons affecting our subconscious, but can be raised above our awareness threshold. Having the below graphic as a mental picture helps convey what it is that an exposed person encounters. It contains, among many other things, a brief history of the eugenics movement. Judging by Ridley’s account, that is almost precisely backwards. Spencer was indeed concerned about human eugenics but, as a believer in laissez-faire, he did not propose using government to improve them. It was successfully opposed by Josiah Wedgewood, who Ridley describes as a radical libertarian. Tweet Head of openings in solid walls. Solid brickwork over the head of openings has to be supported by either a lintel or an arch. In a bonded wall if the solid brickwork inside the triangle were taken out the load of the wall above the triangle would be transferred to the bricks of each side of the opening in what is termed ‘the arching effect’. Lintel is the name given to any single solid length of timber, stone, steel or concrete built in over an opening to support the wall over it, as shown in Fig. I have said time and time again that Java should be banned! Well now Firefox has an available add-on that does exactly that. It is called ‘NoScript’. It has the option of allowing Java on a page if it is needed for that page to work. Look under ‘options’ in the bottom right corner of Firefox once NoScript is added. Also you might want to seriously consider replacing Adobe reader with ‘FoxIt reader’. They have added the ability to block things from running inside of your PDF files.

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If I have pants on, I've got a gun on. There are very, VERY few exceptions, and they are notable enough to prove the rule. Over the years, I've made some bad people unhappy with me, and I plan to keep doing so. So I carry a gun. Always. than apprehending a bad guy. I just hope one of the shots that hit the bad guy was from Cox's gun, and I actually hope that the shooter doesn't die, until we can get all the info from him that we need. Prepare for knee-jerk calls by Dallas city loudmouths for a ban on those evil assault rifles. I knew one of the last DPD cops who was murdered, Kevin James.

He was with Northwest Division, too.

I'm reaaalllly happy and excited a to be working for Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps and for me, it is absolutely amazing to see my work out there being useful. Good morning! It's time for me to post for Some Odd Girl. Sadly, this will be my last post as part of the DT. Works out well though, I love to lighten my load during the summer months. Too much going on!! Today I am using Shy Kaylee from Some Odd Girl. Of course I had to make the hair funky! Thanks for stopping by! TracyPin It. Hello! I'm a little late posting this. It's a new month and we have a new sketch Challenge over at Some Odd Girl. Here is the sketch. but what??? lol Have a great weekend. long one for me. The following two charts of courtesy of my St. Louis Fed colleague, Kevin Kliesen. The first chart plots nominal yields on U. S.  Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. S. and Canada. S. market. Notwithstanding marketing claims, after adjusting for proper dosage, no one agent in the class has been shown to be more efficacious or safer than the others. Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord! O Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleas for mercy!. I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope. The writer tells you how suffering deepened his feelings of closeness to God.

How a sense of God’s presence never really left her.

They imply, and sometimes even promise, you’ll feel the same. It took me a while to sort out the gold from this great little post, so I'm giving it to you here: We like happy endings and success stories, so it's easy to think experiencing triumph is the epitome of the Christian life. The prayers were answered. The sin was conquered. The problem was solved. But what if He chooses otherwise? What if the battle with sin is lifelong or the circumstances don't change? What if grace not only grants deliverance but gives patient endurance year after year? Grace may not wear the champion's laurels, but be incognito, dressed in the plain clothes of the long-term struggles of life.

God's grace is present and sufficient even when it's hiding in plain sight.

Oh Lord, give me eyes to see! It's something I've been thinking about a lot recently. Discontent came fast and hit hard. My heart has been infected and as I walk, I’m brooding, worrying about things I’m powerless to change, wishing for things He hasn’t given. The path out of discontentment is not through beholding all that may be good or beautiful in my situation. The path to contentment, after repentance, is remembering who I am in Christ. I hate hot weather. She goes online every morning to check the weather report. I like the taste of icypoles and icecreams, and that I'm allowed to eat them when it's hot. I like the feel of sand and water on my skin. Elihu is awed and shaken by what he perceives as the power of God. There are several points that can be made here. You can’t get to God of your own strength.

Yet another sharpie sketch, today being a shot of a Titan picking up a mountain he's planning to hurl at a pesky Olympian.

I drew so many pictures of Titan's throwing mountains it's not even funny. I've seen this film several times, and it always holds my interest. I love the actors, and I relish Tim Curry in his small part. This is one of The Younger Son's favorite movies. trailer: Rolling Stone doesn't like it, saying, "If the plodding exposition doesn't get you first, the propaganda will.

" DVD Talk says it "is practically perfect, dated only in some of its Cold War ideology.

" Roger Ebert calls it "a skillful, efficient film". Film. The Grandmother has decided she prefers Clint Eastwood in westerns.

Dirty Harry is not a western.

trailer:DVD Talk says,Dirty Harry is the original conservative backlash movie, that shocked pundits all across the political spectrum, even as it was just accepted as another violent thriller by the general public.

and says itis efficient and cruel propaganda, and still has a hell of a macho kick.

It's an irresponsible film that claims a higher morality while making sadism and social vigilantism into a feel-good spectacle. If there are, we should not blame the bearer of the bad news. This and other tool bar parts are no longer available except by those few dealers that may have some old stock but the pricing has put most out of reach. This nut is made of leaded screw stock steel which makes for a smoother thread for the screw to operate. CSD is C. Stephen David. We have been in touch with him for several years. His wife’s testimony is in “How to Be Free From Bitterness. ” He had the booklet translated into Telegu. I am passing this link on for information and prayer. CSD lives in Hyderbad, India. Watch for Jason's LRW Wrestling debut. Rafe and myself, post-easy run. Big week. Work trip to Tampa, then a trip to Austin to race. It's fun to look at my paces for this week, and realize just how much weather affects pace. The race went very well, though that's another blog post. Althea, myself, and Sunil. It was a pleasure to build and, despite the parts needing quite a bit of cleaning up before assembly, they eventually went together easily. The chains, cast into the plaster load, just marry up with the bolsters, although I still need to finish these off with some extra chain and hoops. As it is, the logs are tied together, but not actually to the wagon itself! Anyway, in the Model Rail feature, I’ll show how I achieved the painted finish on the logs, as well as how to fill the Hornby OTA and a few other wagons with timber loads. I've just received a parcel from Telerail, containing two-dozen copies of the new Model Rail DVD, The Definitive Airbrushing Expert.

As regular readers of this Blog may remember, this programme was filmed over a couple of months earlier this year and it's now on general sale.

I'll be taking these DVDs to Model Rail Live at Barrow Hill this weekend, so look out for them on the Model Rail stand. Otherwise, copies can be obtained direct from Telerail. Above is a pair of rebodied opens, coded MDO. Well, one of them is an MDO, the one on the right has been through-piped for used in vac-braked trains, so carries the code MDP. Note the different springs on each wagon. Each of these wagons is to be left empty. I think this is the first day for ages when we've had both travel plans and rain. We wanted to get up the rest of the Cheshire locks to be in Kidsgrove for Sunday, while the Met Office was promising light showers in the middle of the day. We thought it would be OK. In fact the showers turned into some quite heavy rain by the time our journey ended, and the Met Office had updated their webpage to match the reality. Definitely not a day for taking photos. We've lit the fire early to warm up and dry out, though it's taken longer to get going the last couple of days. Fuel stocks will need to be replenished soon – it's that time of year. We're sort of meandering at the moment. We've no date by which we have to get back to the marina, but neither do we now have any particular cruising plans. Smiles all round, except for the Sharapova camp, of course. Me, I’d go for the non-grunter most days. So what's with missing the start of the match? We’d been at the wedding of Ruth, a friend and colleague, to Joe, who I just managed to beat once at skittles. Certainly, for these two, that was there in abundance. .