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Some more new earrings for the babies. Oh, and also includes HQ textures. only in the next. One of the things that first got me paying attention to the charges against Christine O'Donnell was a piece in the Reason blog by Michael Moynihan attacking her. He has now posted a second one. He writes: I mean, we all could make the mistake of thinking that there exists an army of mice with human brains, or that Vince Foster was “murdered,” possibly by those in the White House. Listening to my daughter's accounts of economics classes she has visited during her college search, I was struck by the fact that there are two quite different courses one might teach under the label of "Principles of Economics," corresponding to two quite different views of what economics is. One view of economics is that it is the study of the economy. My impression is that most principles texts and courses are designed to do that.

The other view—the one I favor—is that economics is an approach to understanding behavior.

It can be used to understand inflation and unemployment but also to understand marriage and divorce, the arguments for strict liability vs negligence, interactions between parents and children or between teachers and students, why tariffs are passed and why armies run away.

During qualifications last weeks, we shot some shotguns. I expected that, and don't think less of him for it. Hey, I'm just glad if it's not arthritis. Since the murders in Lakewood, WA the other morning, the news stories have been filled with silly references to "execution-style murders. " What they're referring to, one supposes, is that the actor intentionally went into a coffee shop, and methodically shot and killed three police officers before having to wrestle the fourth and killing him, too. Merriam-Webster's first definition of "Execution" is "the act or process of executing: PERFORMANCE. " Well, that's kind of vague, and basically means that every action is an execution. That would hardly be newsworthy, would it? Second definition: "A putting to death especially as a legal penalty. "Webster's Online's first definition of "Execution" is "Putting a condemned person to death. "Okay. "Legal penalty. " "Condemned person.

I regularly see many superb artists, who are about as obscure as any homeless person on the street.

Maybe I've just got so much hayseed in my hair that I just can't see. Hell, I've never even been to NYC. Just in time to contribute to Halloween confusion. It doesn't surprise me that someone would make such a costume. It surprises me that there would be an active market to sell them.

Labels: funny, Truth is stranger than fiction.

If I were more motivated, I could probable figure out how to link the video screen right here. The first one is a video of a local morning sporting news host. I HATE sports news, but this fellow is mildly amusing to hear while driving along in the morning. well, I don't know whether to be insulted as a hunter, or to just give in and laugh. Most of the farms were growing highlands vegetables. There are a lot of flowers been grown too. The reports about CH that I read a lot was about excessive land expansion not according to environmental procedures that has caused a lot of erosion. Besides, water quality has been spoilt due to excessive usage of chemicals and fertilizers. CH has been over populated and expansion should controlled by responsible government agencies. Farmers should look other lands with similar conditions for temperate vegetable growing. From CH we by-passed Blue Valley to Lojing Highlands. I made a visit to one of dragon fruit farm in Lojing Highlands, somewehere in Gua Musang, in the state of Kelantan where a dragon fruit was planted.

A couple of thoughts came to mind but I went with creating clouds with copics mostly because I have had numerous people ask.

"How do you do that" so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give a tutorial on a growing "Trend". I know myself and alot of other people would create a "cloud mask" and stipple some ink down to create clouds. I love that effect.

it's simple and easy! Recently I have seen alot of clouds created with copic markers in blogland.

It took me a little while to get onboard to the idea. In a recent article, Narayana Kocherlakota lays out the case for why, under present conditions, the U. S. government should be issuing more debt, using the proceeds to cut taxes, finance infrastructure spending, or both. It's a policy that many economists, including yours truly, have been advocating for some time. And while I generally support the policy, I thought it would be useful, nevertheless, to reflect on some possible counterarguments. It's not a slam dunk case, one way or the other, I think. Kocherlakota does a good job explaining why a deficit-financed tax cut, or deficit-finance infrastructure spending is a good idea. I want to make it clear that the argument in favor of the policy hinges critically on the presumption that we can rely on Congress to manage the public debt over time in a responsible manner. I had five minutes to kill so I read this: Cogan, Taylor and the Confidence Fairy, by Paul Krugman. Let's see, what do we have here? Ah, yes. I see Krugman accusing Taylor of being dishonest. Paulo, Paulo. tsk tsk. Untitled by ludwigwest. Came across this interesting article today: Jobs Go Unfilled Despite High Unemployment. There are many more players than there are available seats. Yet at Extend Health, a Medicare health insurance exchange firm in Salt Lake City, the problem is just the opposite—a growing number of chairs to fill and not enough people with the skills to fit the jobs. “It seems like an oxymoron in this environment that you can somehow be challenged to find great workers,” CEO Bryce Williams admits, almost sheepishly. For this fall’s Medicare Enrollment season, the firm will need close a thousand workers. And the last word, maybe. And maybe not. We look forward to having more runners sign up for this iconic run around the Singapore cityscapes, and for those who need structured preparation and training for the Bay Run/Army Half Marathon, Team FatBird offers Operation Kingfisher speed and strength training program just for this race. Running The Bay, Let FatBirds Show You The Way!. This guide and field report is based on an actual event. Understand. Do. By Fatbird Edwin, IronBoy. Sometimes, the best way to understand, is to challenge. That is what I feel the Big ‘I’ in ‘Ironman’ is about. I'm glad it was new just before TheHoff went off the road. I'm also glad I checked the sump plug. I was really tempted to try to fire it up but figured I'd be cautious & better install the power steering pump reservoir which I duly did - I'm not sure the pump would enjoy running dry tho. Couldn't find the fluid so I'll have to grab some tomorrow. It was dress-up day at the kid's school recently, and Lizzy wanted to go as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. So I did some face painting inspired by this picture, using liquid face paints and a small brush. mouth and nose. Here's a beautiful poem by John Piper which he wrote about his father-in-law after he died. It spoke so clearly to me about my father-in-law David, who died a month ago yesterday. Take the time to read it. You won't regret it. Now, if you believe that, you are saved. God has saved you. It’s real simple. After you believed you were sealed. Judas has agreed and consented to being used to fulfill this prophecy. We choose whom we will serve but we have no control over what happens like we think we do. Once you have chosen evil and sin, it will consume you. Here is the mention of the seventy that was the basis of Aristeas’ false letter about the phony Septuagint. This was an agreement. The Israelites broke their part. Wikipedia says he is "best known for his flower paintings and group portraits of Parisian artists and writers". I have a couple of white cup and saucer sets, and drank out of this one to celebrate Tea Tuesday: The pattern is Lenox Solitaire, and this is my good china. Share a drink and see what folks are up to. Motorcyclists, Brando, James Dean, drug use, Jesus, S&M, anal sex, Nazis, public urination, guns, death. It may be influential, but I'm not finding it an enjoyable movie outside that historical context. The music is fun. Well, that's not happening. We'll try again on a weekday and see if we have better luck. On that day, however, we just went elsewhere. The CK's on Highland is right around the corner, so we went there. They are a cash-only establishment. I ordered the cheese omelet, wheat toast, bacon and coffee.

The omelet had sliced American cheese but was fluffy and tasty and may have been the largest omelet I've ever been served.

Yes, some alleys actually have names. Jack Tucker Alley is named after a local architect who, according to Joe Spake's blog, "was a major player in the re-birth of Downtown living, before the development of Mud Island and the South Bluff, Tucker was a force for for urban living and urban design". " Smart City Memphis said, "The thread through all that he did was preservation, whether it was the built environment, the natural environment or the civic environment. " We came across it on our recent walk around downtown when we were looking at how low the River was. St.

Joseph the worker.

Librero said photographers are fascinated with the old architectural structure this Church one of the best subject. We never let it pass to take pictures of the interior and exterior designs of the old Church to be included to our documentations about Bulacan unfortunately it’s too crowded during that time. In the façade of the church I didn't have a perfect shot and I’m dismayed because even the front of the Church they used as parking lot. Facade of St.

Fortunately we found it across only the St Joseph the worker church, perfect timing for me because I’m starving and craving for hot soup.

Visits to the doctor when you're injured are a bit like visits to the Oracle. So, very good. He sent me to the next room to get the foot x-rayed for the third time in this saga. Then I waited, and waited. your excitement about reainspotting drains from you as your senses get invaded with the smell from Hell!"November in Sydney can be a strange time of year. Not only is it one step closer to Christmas but it signifies, to us in Down Under Land, that summer is just around the corner. Frankly, I am not sure where this elusive 'corner' is but its somewhere close, methinks.

Who knows!From a meteorological point of view November signifies the end of coolish weather as the onslaught of the summer heat flexes its muscles.

It's a real beauty and only just fits on my workbench. I've been asked to weather it up and I'll be getting to work on it this evening. It's a while since I've tackled anything this big - should be good fun.

I just need to do a bit of research for some prototype inspiration.

To stop SMS updates, simply text UNFOLLOW LTISACAD to the same number. We relaxed and chatted and ate and made music and chatted. They had to move on all too soon. First brother on Erin Mae. Two more to go!. .